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Since 2009, the company BLAZE has helped cities, counties, non-profit and state organizations discover better information. Our primary focus is researching, writing and developing Visitor, Tourism and Recreation Guidebooks, but our information is so much more than just a brochure, booklet or guide.

Get To Know Us:

  • We work with counties, chambers and municipalities to increase tax revenue by discovering and compiling the best information about their area.

  • We document and photograph the BEST reasons for people to visit your county. This is usually anywhere from 15 to 50 unique points of interest. Don't think you have that many points of interest? Give us a try! 

  • We do all the work. We spend time in your county, shoot the photography, document new points of interest and write the copy.

  • Your part: You’re only required to approve the work as we move through the project. We ask that you approve the points of interest that we discover, and then we send you the fully documented and photographed points of interest while we’re working the project. You are always up-to-date and aware of what’s going on with your project.

  • We will discover points of interest that have never been photographed or documented. This is one of our specialties. Our clients are amazed at the exciting, new points of interest we discover.  

  • We can produce an exciting, detailed companion guidebook with the information.

  • The guidebook is made available online for anyone to view and download on any device. We can even host this for you! For example:


  • All information, photography and copy are optimized and turned over for easy utilization on your website, your social media, ad slicks and other forms of media. It's easy to make changes or add new points of interest. We'll even teach you how to do this!

  • In addition to the pictures in the companion guidebook, we turn over all of our professional photographs to you – this usually means hundreds of professional photographs of your area.

  • We post your top Points of Interest on so visitors and passers-by can see and visit the exciting “Things To Do” in your county.

  • We have projects in South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, and North Carolina, but we are quickly expanding. Let us help you "get more people moving in your direction."

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